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I see posts from time to time regarding sabots and generally they seem to relate to two commercially available cones end to end in an hourglass shape pushing a 3/8 steel ball or similar contraption.

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Anyone that has a larger caliber BG and also has ammo for a .40 or even a .50 that can advise the potential of simply putting a Tyvek cone behind the smaller darts fixed cone in a configuration that encourages the Tyvek to fall away after entering free air?

Anyone with any experience and/or sourcing for short sections of cork or dowel rod or other wadding that might favorably compete with the hourglass sabot design?

I have not shot sabots. But I have shot miniature marshmallows through very loose fitting 1/2" PVC and I can send those 20M on a good day. I want to come up with sabots that fall off faster and are easy to find and re-use or with something cheaper than hourglasses at $.60 a piece. I have heard about trailing a bit of yarn. But hope for an even better solution.

Is cutting short pieces of 5/8" dowel on a miter saw worth the effort? What length?

What is your favorite sabot configuration and why?
I use a piece of 5/8 backer rod before and after .50 ball bearings in .625 I use Three ball bearings just like 00 in 4/10 shot gun lol
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