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Here's the scenario:

You are eating takeout at home. Suddenly the sushi hits the floor! You have to clean it up now. While you are cleaning up sushi your countries entire government system breaks down!

In a rush you grab your ASK(apocalypse survival kit) which includes all your gear needed for surviving in the wilderness. Your tomahawk, fire starters, food, water filtration, ect.

Throwing an extra tank of gas in your car you are about to pull out when you realize you should arm yourself. Because you will be surviving in the wilderness for a long time you decide your gun will run out of ammo too soon. You reach for your slingshot but realize that the rubber will need to be replaced. You reach for you bow but arrows are difficult to come by. So you grab your blowgun.

Personally I would grab my 4ft Cold Steel blowgun. I am going to fit it with two quivers to hold extra darts. I'll put a sling on it and bring a sack to hold extra darts in. Also I have some poison recipes that I would cook up.

So how have you/will you set up your blowgun for apocalypse?

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well I would realistically pack up my single six with tons of ammo and head for the hills, but I was trying to see what people would do if they were forced to use their blowgun..
Tree fork: You have completely missed the point sir.
I don't know man, I'm a pretty decent shot with my blowgun. If it wasn't illegal to hunt here with one I would be taking squirrels left and right!
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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