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Looks pretty nice! Even for long distance / outdoor

I also use a foam target stand. It´s 60x60x10cm and able to stop Bambodarts.

But even wiredarts of cal. 0.40 will hit trough it.

Therefore I use some layers of carpet and/or cardboard in front of the foam to take some impactenergy out of the dart if shooting bigger calibers and/or naildarts.

Plant Tree Sleeve Rectangle Wood

The size of 60x60cm allows it to place 9 official targets on it.

That saves a lot of running and ruining dart by robinhooding them ;-)

Other pieces of hard foam work also well, they could be found for free in machinery packings.

I carved this 3d-target in shape of a "Cobra" from really hard foam.

Water Eye Leg Human body Wood


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