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Hi guys,

Like I said I'm new to this Forum and I already got a few questions:

First of all I build a target wall for training to shoot in different heights.

What do think about it.. any suggestions or improvments? (picture below)

And my second question is about aiming:

When you aim with the "ghost barrel" technique, are your two barrels exactly on one line with the target

or do aim a little bit higher or lower. What is your experience with this and how did you get the best results?

I'm looking forward to some good inputs.

Have a nice day.




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The target looks great.

With the aiming you want to focus on the target with both eyes . You will see the barrel in your peripheral vision . Elevation is a result of practice . Your taking a try and see what happens approach. Your brain is an amazing computer guidance system . Naturally there are variations for the different distances . A first shot at the target gives you feed back . The successive shots are adjusted accordingly .Practice,practice ,practice . Have fun while doing it is the key .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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