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I am thinking about taking the cones off all my bamboo darts and holding a bonfire. Well... OK, more of a marshmallow roast as we are only talking about a few hundred skewers.


Where to begin. Oh yeah... They don't seem to be helping my accuracy improve:

  • They are not uniform in weight as they generally weigh in between 30 and 36 grains.
  • They don't fly uniformly as many are pretty straight and many are pretty curvaceous. I could just toss the curved ones, but what is the benefit of uniform half weight ammo?
  • Half weight... Oh yeah, did I mention in addition to the weight varying nearly 20% from dart to dart they weigh about half as much as my mini broadheads (63-64 grains) and less than half as much as my stun darts (73-74 grains).

I find my self wondering why the mini broadheads aren't 5" long instead of about 4.4" as they would then be the same weight as the stun darts.

I am seriously considering drilling a consistent hole in my stun darts to bring their weight down to match the mini broadheads 63.5 grains. And... replacing all my bamboo with 3mm wire cut to build same weight pin tipped darts from their cones.

One other issue is the out of round cones I have in y stock. I keep thinking I should not be so tolerant of cones that under perform. I should treat any cone that is not up to behaving as the rest to a hot bath or show it the door. Better that way I think.

Has anyone got a good accurate weight for the razor tip broadheads? I might really need to make the whole stock of ammo match that weight.

How do you feel about practicing with 3 or 4 different types of ammo. Does it affect your ability to develop better accuracy? Is it worth it to mix the ammo up like that?

Looking for advice in the posts you follow up with.

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