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This idea came from the thread located here:

Basically the idea is to make a standard, proven, inexpensive home-built blowgun that new members can be referred to when asking about making their own. Hopefully the winning design can be a reference point for anyone choosing to build their own for the first time.

Although there will be no prize but bragging rights, your design may begin to pop up on the forum in different and creative forms. So try to make something that can be built off of!

Some basic requirements are needed. In an effort for simplicity only standard household tools can be used. I.E. Drill, hammers, saw, pliers, screwdrivers ect. NO shop tools like milling machines, band saws, ect. THIS SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE RECREATED IN ANY HOME.

So some basics:

All materials need to be readily available at the local hardware store. No special order items.

Bonus points for total cost. Lower the better!

Build time should be no more than a day. We want something simple to get the new shooters started

Things to include:



That's it! Anything more like a quiver or ferrule can be added but will most likely cost you more.

Some things to remember:

Looks count, so try to make it look stylish :D

When entering upload a picture of the blowgun, a picture of your darts, and the total cost of the blowgun. A receipt would be nice, but we can take it on faith because there is no prize lol. Also include the price of each individual component.

Oh yeah, and make sure it shoots the darts! You don't need a video, but an overview video would be nice perhaps with some shooting.

Mostly we just want lots of ideas for new shooters and one idea that can be agreed upon. Because we want lots of ideas and entries the competition will run for 2 weeks. Remember, you only need at the most a few hours to do this! On the 12th of January I will start another thread for discussion and voting in a poll.

So get building dudes!


PS. If I missed anything just chime in. Oh yeah, and remember, have fun!

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Here is one I think anyone can make.

Materials List:

- 5 foot section of copper pipe


- Electrical Conduit cut to length (The cheaper option)

- half inch PVC mouthpiece

- Electrical Tape

- Clear Packing tape (or duct tape)

- Bamboo skewers.

- Scissors

Here are the materials laid out.


In order to make a snug fit for the mouthpiece wrap electrical tape around the end of the pipe so that when the mouth piece is pushed on it is nice and snug. Below is a picture of the mouthpiece along with a picture of the tape wrapped around the end.



Push the mouthpiece on. Ensure it is air tight and will not pop off.


Further secure the mouthpiece by wrapping electrical tape around the mouthpiece and blowgun. You can even run the length of the pipe to give it a cool look.


To make the darts simply make a cone out of the clear packing tape and attach to a bamboo skewer.



Be sure to cut the cone to the correct size. Use the blowgun as a reference.



Here is a video of me shooting the dart from the newly made blowgun.

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