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I had merchandise in my cart, but $1.82 short for "free shipping". What to add? What to add? So, incredibly, as things often happen in my life, I ordered a Cold Steel 5' blowgun. Terrific, now I was over the $25 minimum, but the blowgun offer for free shipping required $35 of merchandise in the cart! Damn! What to add? What to add? Well, I figured I might as well buy some extra darts, so I bought Bamboo from one vendor and li'l broadheads from another. 4-5 business day expected delivery - yeah, right - more like 8 days before it is now scheduled to arrive.

Anyway, that's how I ended up in the land of blowguns, and I see some familiar "handles" and avatars from the slingshot forum.

Shooting projectiles is nothing new for me. I've "carried" on and off "the job" since 1974; am a member of an archery club (recurve, 3-D, David Quinn bows); slingshots of course, dating back to when I was the Assistant Chief and Florida State Representative of the NSA (Chief AJ's NSA), trying to make a real organization out of a self-promoting marketing tool until I realized that the Chief only wanted to sell his wares; and now blowguns. I am considering building medieval trebuchets for my next hobby (as if I need, and have room for, another hobby).

Maybe I should change my username from THWACK! to something softer and more covert for this forum, like "Thp". Well, we'll see about that ; )

I've a bit to learn, though the process appears simple enough, so I'll be politely pestering "y'all" for good instruction. If you're not from "the South" and you don't comprehend "y'all", it means "youse guyz" to the northerners, especially the Brooklynites.

Thanks for the overwhelming expected welcome with the accompanying hugs, kisses and well wishes. It's okay, I'm not a germaphobe, I'm an American. ; )

PS - rarely take me seriously

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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