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Thought I'd Share My Old Hunting Dart Hold !

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I would put usually 3-5 darts between my my little finger and my 4th finger with the cone end between my 1st finger and thumb. This way the darts were very readily accessible yet out of my line of sight as the cones would be under the blowgun itself facing out on the right side (for me) when in shooting position, (my hand is not in shooting position in this pic, my pen represents the darts, my cane represents the BG)

I would normally keep darts in a small quiver on my side holding maybe 12-15 steel darts, Bamboo darts in another tube, maybe 6+ of those. Both tubes were on a web belt.

I would have a small piece of foam on the underside for One or two darts and I did not keep it loaded while walking through the woods/desert.

Yes, I took my blowgun and slingshot hunting very seriously !!

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