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Tim wells? Really?

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Is this guys hunting exploits legitimate? Bears boars and deer with a Blowgun? I've seen the videos I'm sure many have. I'm also pretty sure 99% of people could not take those animals with a blow gun even IF Tim wells could.

The fact that he has a branded blowgun does make me feel he is really selling up the ability of a blow gun.

Some say shot placement. Ok but even then I assume that it would take hours if not days for an animal to expire that way. I can only speak of my experience hunting white tails a 147 grain projectile from a 350 legend has caused massive damage. I have shot both lungs and heart but deer still seem to take a few steps or more before laying down.

The only time I have had a deer drop were it stood was when my scope mount was loose and I got lucky by hitting one lung and nicking the second lung with the bullet deflecting to the spine of the deer.

So in conclusion I call shenanigans on tim wells. At the very least we need new hunters and blow gunners to understand that it is not recommended to take anything other than the squirrel or rat at 10 or so yards. If I am wrong or have violated any forum rules forgive me.
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Tim Wells is a joke. I'll leave it at that because I don't feel like writing a novel, but anyone that thinks they can do what he supposedly does is likely going to get themself seriously hurt or killed.
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Two idiots that are insanely jealous☝
Looks like little Timmy found our forum. More than likely one of his tens of fans.
We don't care about your test results. We already know your chromosome count is above average as well.
Typical keyboard/blow🍆 warrior
It would seem that the irony of the fact that you're the one coming in here with the insults is lost on you. I've never seen someone simp for a grown man so hard in my life.
["HarshReality, post: 77590, member: 12253"]
Hahaha from the Las Vegas PhatPhuck talking shit about a successful hunter, to make himself feel better. Go back to blowing what you’re good at🍆
So edgy. There are plenty of successful 'psychics' and 'ghost hunters' as well. Doesn't mean they're legit. Tim Wells is a con artist and you're sucking his slock so hard you're going to get a dart stuck in your throat. There are plenty of amazing blowgun hunters, especially the ones that do it to survive. A real hunter doesn't need to bait a bear with a mountain of donuts. It's really astounding that you would attack me so vehemently, without knowing anything about me, to defend such a horrible human being. If he's so 'successful' he doesn't need his fan boys to come to his aid under a throwaway account like a coward.
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I was away and missed this but I wanted to say thanks to Headhunter for defending common logic with more diplomacy than I can ever seem to muster up. To the hunters, please start with small or reasonable sized game and work your way up slowly. Knowing your capabilities will help minimize needless suffering.
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