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I figured that I would kick off our first competition here on BGF. The Competition will be to see who can get the highest projectile speed, using a Chrony as the speed gauge. The winner will receive a 50 pack of darts from in their preferred caliber.

The rules:
The shot must be made in a single/uncut video, showing before and after on the Chrony.
Any dart (or other projectile) can be used
Any caliber blowgun can be used
Any length blowgun can be used
Anyone can win, but you must be 18 years of age age and be eligible to own and recieve a blowgun where you live to get the darts.
The competition will end on Feb 15 2013

Lets see those entries!

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I am go'in all OCD on this. Purchased 20 feet 1/2" pvc. Started fabricating ductape cones. Made a card board quiver(pretty cool). And and and...... Anyway I am thinking a bigger bore so more power is transferred to the dart,and longer bore to bring it up to speed. :wacko: The video, is just for fun.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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