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LOL! That is exactly how the sport of competition blowgun target shooting began. Dr. Hironori Higuchi of Nagaoka, Japan started his "Blowgun Health method". IF you have ever been a birth coach for someone using Psychoprophylaxis (aka, lamaze), they do that. Hyper-oxygenaton of the blood (within reason ... reference "oxygen bars") has shown to aid a lot of different ailments.

In my laterst book, i even reference a device I was given after my open heart surgery. Chapter 2 of all my books emphasizes both this breathing technique, and relaxation.

Blowgunning For Beginners

Fukiyado: The Way of the Sport Blowgun

The Ancient Art of the Sjambok

Birang Silat: The Handkerchief Dance
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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