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Well i took my conduit to chronograph to compare it

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If one quick swipe with a cloth wad constitutes polishing then perhaps you could say that Cold Steel polishes their bores but I would be surprised to learn that they did even that. I switched from a Terminator forty caliber ($12) gun to a Tufram forty caliber that I probably paid twice as much for. I was skeptical but it was the real deal. I couldn't make a noticeable scratch on the outside of the tube with a knife and it was as slippery as a new I-phone. It also never developed water droplets inside the bore as large as my regular barrels did when I'd shoot dozens of darts without swabbing the bore.

In my opinion, anyone paying $100 for a big tube with a nice mouthpiece should be getting the same amazing grade of tubing.

The natural lubricity of the Tufram bore didn't really do a thing for the forty because I was shooting factory darts and the only forty caliber darts I've seen that wouldn't drop straight through the barrel were ones that got egg shaped for whatever reason. Shooting the heavier custom made big bore darts that wipe the bore on their way out would surely gain a few feet per second if not a dozen from a Tufram treated tube.
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