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4' .357 cal. 2' .50 cal, 3' .50 cal, 4' .50 cal carbon fiber, 5' .625 cal 2 piece, 5' .625 cal
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I'm curious as to what everyone prefers to shoot, I know the .625 cal. are popular. But I'm curious about specifically what other shooters look for, so if you would be so kind as to help me answer this question I'd like to know your favorite:
Blowgun material (plastic, aluminium, carbon fiber, etc.)
Blowgun length
Blowgun Caliber
Dart material (bamboo, wire, broadhead, etc.)
Dart type (molded cone, plug, film cone, etc.)
Heavy vs. Light weight Blowgun

I'd really like to know what you guys like, even if you don't exactly have your "dream blowgun" I'd be curious to know what it would look like.

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.62 cal 4' long.
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I only have the Cold Steel Big Bore Pro 4'. So I don't know yet. I am working on making a 6' .62 cal carbon fiber.

But so far out of metal darts, steel ball w/ sabots, short wooden darts, and 7" bamboo darts I like bamboo darts best.

Soon I am going to use some plastic gallon jugs to make some cones. And then in the summer I am making some river cane and thistle darts in Cherokee Nation style.
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