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What Is Your Favorite Brand Of Blowgun?

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What is your favorite brand of Blowgun? Let's hear what you like!
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Targetzonesports .50 cal CT (close tolerence) 48 inches is my go to. They keep selling out because they are so popular. None in stock right now.
#1 choice- Target Zone C/T .50 @ 48", or whatever I grab off the rack at the time
Right now I am one sided so I would have to say the Cold Steel 5 ft pro, I hope soon to add a 48 in TZS CT
.40 caliber 36" bunker buster by terminator blowguns, here soon i hope to add the cold steel pro magnum 5' to my collection
No question....Cold Steel rules!

And they rule on blades as well.......
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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