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What ur thoughts on these blowguns?

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Hi, I ordered a 3KG and 2.5 meter blowgun made out of Meranti wood. inside are smooth barrel of hard material. My question is how is it worth it??
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You have asked a lot of the forum since you do not:

  • Mention the price you are paying
  • Include clear and scaled images of the blowguns
  • Note included accessories such as darts
  • Note if you are buying for performance or for cultural authenticity
  • Advise us what your reason was for selecting the blowguns you ordered

An authentic looking artifact that is a fantastic deal for a New York Lawyer to hang on his office wall for $2,000 even if it is functionally deficient.

A functionally deficient blowgun might still get an honor student expelled from Harvard if it is discovered to be in her dorm room. Even if it was a $2 buy at yesterday's yard sale.

We really need to know your circumstances and reasoning before we can agree or disagree with it.
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Since you've already ordered it, I can only surmise that it is "worth it" to you.
What else really matters in the end?

Your needs are probably different from mine. What is "ideal" for me (or anyone else) may not be "ideal" for you.

Consider the "ideal" pocket knife. (which does not exist by the way.)
For some the "ideal" pocket knife is a 2 7/8 inch single or double bladed peanut pattern.
Others "ideal" is a single or two bladed full size or medium size trapper or moose pattern.
For still others, it may be a 3 blade stockman in a meduim size or a large.
For many their "ideal" pocket knife has one hand opening or is a flipper, with a "super steel" blade, or even a switchblade or automatic because they have limited strength or dexterity in their hand(s).
None of these choices are "wrong", but no single one is "ideal" for everyone.
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